3d Cube

Puzzle 1994 Dos Warren Ward 3D

Rubik`s cube in 3D; well done

3DCube is a Rubik's cube type game, produced in 94, in 3D, yet with a simple, 8bit looking graphical interface. The background, black, allows you to see each facet of your cube with ease. Also, aiding visibility and spatial orientation, the game also contains each facet of the cube in 2D, at the top of the screen, so you can better assess your moves. Controls work great – you can choose to slide the cube via the keyboard or through a mouse driven control scheme. Also, the game contains a cool tutorial that will teach you a few of the methods that can aid you in solving the puzzle; thus, you can learn these and have a prescribed method of solving it; however, you can also learn more math and calculation heavy methods of doing it, which will take fewer moves to solve. As game modes, you can attempt free play, or you can play to beat a clock, so you have to concentrate your attention more, and get a real intellectual workout from 3DCube. Another Rubik's cube digitization you might enjoy is also Rubik's Games, rather based on Rubik's Cube than a straight Rubik's Cube puzzle, yet still worth playing.

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