Rubik's Games

Puzzle 1999 Windows Hasbro Interactive Brainteaser Math or logic

Riddle me this!

Rubik's Games is something of an oddity, an original collection of brain teasers and puzzlers from the imagination of Erno Rubik, best known for his legendary Cube. There are five games to enjoy here, including a variation on the Cube. Paint War is a chess-type game where you are trying to paint half the game board or destroy your opponent's pieces, which are vulnerable to attack from certain other pieces. Rubik's Playground is a physics-based experiment which comes across as a more leisurely take on Chu Chu Rocket and which requires players to guide a series of balls through a maze to the exit, while avoiding the many obstacles which litter the course. Cover Up requires you to completely cover a board using multi-coloured tiles taken from towers but limits you to only making moves in straight lines from the towers. To finish off, Zigthrough is a Tetris-style colour-based puzzler, requiring players to match blocks of a certain colour. Rubik's Games is certainly unusual and for gamers seeking something different to test the mind rather than the trigger finger, this is certainly worth a look. The graphics, while functional, are certainly colourful enough and sharp, but the games themselves are truly testing and varied, providing a great deal of exercise for the old grey matter.

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