3D Pitfall

Puzzle 1994 Dos Dosbox 3D

It's Tetris but not as you know it

You would be forgiven if you thought this was a 3D version of the superb arcade hit Pitfall!, which sounds like it could be an intriguing idea. However, what it actually turns out to be is another version of Tetris, but which is more akin to Blockout or Welltris in that it shifts the action to a top-down, 3D perspective which adds a whole heap of new challenges to the classic concept. Given that there are at least two other such variants easily available, it's hard to recommend this one wholeheartedly but taken on its own merits, it's a perfectly serviceable and enjoyable little puzzler. Just on the off chance that you've never experienced such a game before, here's a quick rundown of the concept. The game charges you with manipulating a series of falling blocks of various shapes so that they form solid lines, which then causes them to disappear, earning you points. Things start out pretty slowly but the pace soon picks up and it becomes rather hectic stuff as you attempt to rotate the blocks so that they form the best patterns to rack up the most points. The whole thing is little more than an exercise in high score chasing, but there's no denying that this remains one of the finest puzzle concepts in history and the addition of the 3D element really does kick things into a new gear. You have to think about line forming in a whole new way so even if you are a master of the 2D variant, you'll find this challenging but equally enjoyable. The visuals are standard stuff but fine in their own way while the controls are slick an intuitive, so while this might not be original, it is addictive and is worth a look if you haven't played the other versions.

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