Electronic Pinball

Simulation 1997 Windows 21st Century Pinball

Too basic for its time, unfortunately...

I get 2D pinball, in fact, I more than get it, I understand and love some of the older gems. Heck, I played the Win XP Space Kadet game to smithereens and then some, but I guess every title has its time and every particular graphical representation has its time. Not that I'm against new titles released in 2D, quite on the contrary, but they sure have to have something special, have to up the ante in some way that makes the 2D perspective worthwhile and stand out. Nope, unfortunately Electronic Pinball looks like it could have just as well been released back in the early 90s, when in fact it made it onto market as late as 97. Thus, it sort of manages to be a bit of a silly thing, if you ask me, not a retro game, not an original game, just a game that has seen the shelf a little too late. Is it fun though, regardless of its time of release? Well, yeah, but then again, so are the 3D ultra realistic titles that you can find all over the web, so the reason to play this one gets a bit of a knockback, unfortunately. But, at any rate, Electronic Pinball seems to be the kind of game that makes no effort to stand out, is not hot, nor cold, just a stale experience. I'd much rather play Psycho Pinball or the very capable Visual Pinball construction set, which is both a construction suite as well as packing a few tables that are actually more fun than Electronic Pinball ever could be.

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