Hyper 3-D Pinball

Simulation 1995 Windows Virgin Interactive Pinball

Pinball wizard

Your enjoyment of this game really will depend on your feelings towards pinball. If you're a fan of real world tables or games like Pinball Dreams, then this offers a solid home-based option for when you can't make it to your local hall. However, if you have yet to be convinced of pinball's charms, this is unlikely to win you over. Offering an innovative (for its time) 3D view of the table, Hyper 3D Pinball offers a solid if uninspiring pair of tables, with most of the features of real tables, including jackpots, ramps and hidden areas. Although the 3D view is the big draw, players can switch to a top down view, making the whole table visible but sacrificing detail. A key feature of pinball games is the physics which, if poorly implemented, can turn things into a pointless and frustrating experience. Fortunately, here ball movement is realistic, and things get suitably fast and frantic just like on a real table, requiring quick reactions and careful flipper action to get the ball going where you want it to. Sound is limited to the expected bumper and flipper effects while the music is appropriate to the table, and provides a nice distraction. Pinball fans should enjoy this, offering as it does a straightforward interpretation of the game, but non-fans are likely to find themselves bemused and wondering where the appeal is. As such, they will become bored quickly and are best advised to look elsewhere.

A great jump to the third dimension

Hyper 3-D Pinball is an arcade videogame developed by NMS Software and published by Virgin Interactive. The game took the simple idea of pinball and took it to a new dimension, or should I say three-dimensions, while other games in the genre, like Epic Pinball, stood with the 2D format. The result to jumping to 3D was amazing for this game, for most players back then really felt the experience of a real pinball machine. The game offers a couple of pinball tables but the principle is the same: keep the ball in play as long as you can and try to score as much points as possible. The 3D look of the tables are great and there are some great light effect on the table that hasn't been seen before. Even the physics for the ball are well implemented. The sound effects are classical pinball sounds and the music suits the theme of each table you are playing. Downloading and playing the game is a must!

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