Absolute Pinball

Simulation 1996 Dos Dosbox 21st Century Pinball

I'm a pinball wizard!

If you don't have any interest in pinball, you can stop reading now, as this game is unlikely to change your mind about this most curious of pursuits. However, even if you are a fan of whacking little metal balls around tables for no other reason than racking up huge amounts of points, then this one might not of great interest either. It's not a bad game in a crowded genre but when compared to the likes of Pinball Dreams or Pinball Fantasies, it just comes across as being distinctly average. You have four different tables to try your hand at here, one being themed after the legendary Paris-Dakar race, another one which is aquatic-based, the third being inspired by Hollywood and the last by baseball. Each table features the usual array of flippers and bumpers, with appropriate mini-games to spice things up while there are also several different ways to view each table, including scrolling views and seeing the whole table at once. Apart from this latter feature though, this is pretty much business as usual. For most pinball fans, this familiarity is probably enough to keep them playing, and the tables on offer here are certainly decent enough. There's a good variety in the background themes, which are represented nicely in visuals terms. The physics too, a key part of any pinball experience, are generally sound, and you shouldn't find any strange gravity-defying moments here. Throw in the usual simple controls and some decent sound effects and you're left with a traditional, if unspectacular, pinball experience. If you're not looking for anything new, then this should do the job.

A good addition to the classic pinball series

The game which is a successor to the classic Pinball series has been developed by a different company and has managed to keep on the trend to some extent. They have brought a lot of diversity in this one in terms of themes , options and a more attractive and vibrant display. The best thing about the display options is that you can play at the table by adjusting it at various angles which induces a unique play every time. The tables have different themes such as Hollywood, Darker Rally, baseball and Deep Sea. up to 8 players can play the game and every game will have 5 balls. The picture resolutions and the adjustment of the table view is something which has added a lot of diversity to the gameplay and has made the game somewhat exciting. The animations in the form of dot matrix have also been well incorporated and set up a very good environment for a classic Pinball game. The ball physics in this one is also somewhat complex and unique and gives you something new every time. The game play has its own flaws but overall it gives you quite a fun time. It is almost the same stuff that we see in Extreme Pinball but you can say it's a bit more diverse.

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