Jane's Combat Simulations: WWII Fighters

Simulation 1998 Windows Electronic Arts Military flight Historical

Come on boys, let's go for a spin!

EA used the Jane's license to brand an extensive series of flight simulations during the nineties and which resulted in a fairly decent lineup of games which aren't as good as the landmarks like Falcon and F-29 Retaliator but which are nevertheless worth a look. This one is actually one of the better efforts, especially if you're into the historical aspects of flight as you get to fly an impressive range of WWII era planes. The game gives you the option of flying as either an Allied or German pilot during the war and presents you with a number of intense missions and an extremely broad range of historically accurate planes to jump into. There's only fighters on offer here, but this restriction is made up for the generous number available, which includes P-51s, Spitfires and ME-262s. In terms of modes, you can choose just to fly single missions or take on a full campaign from either perspective, and although it's actually quite easy to get into things, there's a decent amount of depth, with lots of things to learn about the individual plane types and how they handle. The whole thing is dressed up in appropriately detailed and atmospheric clothes and which adds much to the appeal. As far as WWII sims go, this is pretty decent stuff. You've got a wide range of planes to fly, each of which feels realistic and which offer their own unique challenges, while the missions are equally diverse and which are generally entertaining. There is a lot to sink your teeth into, so this should appeal to the hardcore flight buffs but there's also enough action to keep more casual gamers interested, so overall, this strikes a good balance between realism and accessibility, making it a fine choice for anyone into such games.

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