7 Days a Skeptic

Adventure 2004 Windows Mystery Horror

AGS game that proved the development tool mature

One of the best Adventure Game Studio game series is Yatzee's (Ben Croshaw) Days a Skeptic and 5 Days a Stranger classic point and click adventure romp. It both demonstrated that, with a minimalist 80s looking set of graphics but with beautifully written dialogues and an emergent story that is contradictory, exciting, always leaving you in expectative, it can create a game even better than the million dollar products out there. Sure, it takes a while to sink into these kind of games, as they, technically, move quite slow, are very minimal and would suggest that nothing interesting hides under the hood. Bu once you experience the story and get invested into it, this is a series you cannot just stop from playing. And, also, the adventure interactive portions, the puzzles are at least as good as you'd want them to be, plus well tied to the story, not just rabbits out of a hat. So yeah, both the AGS creation tool got a lot from being the one used for building this great game as well as the adventure game community. Make sure you've played this, it's as good today as it was when it first was released. Superb!

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