Full Throttle

Adventure 1995 Dos Dosbox LucasArts Action based Thriller

A bit dated but still a fun retro adventure

Full Throttle is known as much by those that played it, as it is known by the adventure and general PC gaming community. The game had a rough time getting produced, was on the point of being cancelled on multiple occasions, but, somehow, it managed to surface. And it sure did get dropped with a splash. Within the Lucas Arts adventure games it had a very interesting position, as the story of the game had a more mature theme. Your protagonist is a hard boiled biker, racing on a Harley Davidson renamed Corley Motors, and he gets to race and get into lots of troubles while at it. The graphic style is a cool cartoony one, with lots of detail and cool intermediary animations. The gameplay doesn't stray from what the regular adventure games have shown us through the years, especially coming from Lucas Arts. But, what is most interesting about this game is the story that gets interesting very soon and has some twists and turns worth making your head gears spin! So, if you haven't tried it, as I find it hard to believe that you never heard of this title before, you should definitely give it a go.

Humor, action and smarts

A great game! Still in my TopTenEvar list, Emerses the player into the world of Big Ben, a characther that you WILL fall in love with. A great interface, a great balance of humor, action and smarts! The sound track is unbelievable! "I thank the lord each day for the Apocalypse!" The tunes are pure magic! Well written dialog and excellent voice overs. Corley Motors is a great spin off of all things Harley Davidson and they do it well. Lucas Arts had success with this title and started development on a second Full Throttle, but the project got scraped after about half way through, too bad. So say it with me! (in a husky Big Ben voice) I'm not puttin my lips on that!.Get it, and enjoy

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