Silent Hill 4: The Room

Adventure 2004 Windows ak tronic Software & Services Mystery Horror Action based

More horror and mistery in the fourth nightmare

Silent Hill 4: The Room is survival horror game released in 2004, that involves a lot of exploration and puzzle-solving. The Silent Hill series remain my favourite games of all time, being popular for their huge amount of creepy moments, desolate scenery, and dark atmosphere, so the fans will be scared and kept in suspense by this fourth game, for sure! The whole environment recreates a land worthy of a horror movie. Your character is Henry Townsend, whose his existence suddenly becames a terrifying chaos. He has horrible nightmares and he discovers that he can't leave his residence anymore. The story becomes more and more exciting and interesting as you progress. You have to defend yourself from many monsters that lurk around every corner, and to solve various captivating and mysterious quests in order to evade from the nightmare. From the visuals point of view, SH4 suceeded to amaze us once again. Each aspect is extremely well implemented, with high dedication for the design, effects, sounds, and the general gameplay. The locations are specially rendered to frighten you, raising the heart beat and making you feel the blood freezing through your veins! Also, all the characters are modeled with excellence and high attention to details. So, if you want to stay awake at nights or to have nightmares, play it!

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