Adventure 2004 Windows Femo Duo Entertainment Graphical IF Mystery Horror

Sci Fi game, retro and a bit too dumb!

Imagine all the rude bits removed from Leisure Suit Larry than port that experience atop a star ship, filled with rather not that intellectually endowed mates. Then have a go at puzzles that are a bit on the generic side, put a murder mystery into the mix and see what sort of game you get. Yes, it's all that in this game, you get all the 5 miles, but unfortunately, although I get the retro feel of the game and the nod to the past, there is something to be learned from top adventure games, even if you love the oldies and its them you want to cast as your main inspiration. What I mean is, I get that the developers were not AAA man8facturers, but just a bit more care and originality wouldn't have hurt. But then again, for what it's worth, I guess you can't really ask for more out of this game. It does wear its bedroom coders feel on its sleeve and it doesn't want to be more than that. I'd reckon you just have a gander but don't expect to find some jewel. If you want an oldschool game that takes place in space, one of the early Star Trek games should do it, instead.

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