5 Days a Stranger

Adventure 2003 Windows Mystery Horror

An outstanding AGS adventure

You wouldn't be to blame if you haven't heard of the AGS toolset for game creation. It was and it continues to be one of the easiest to use, highly productive production suites for anyone looking to start coding their own games, with the minimal of resources at the ready. However, as easy as it is to produce an adventure, mechanically at least, few people feel like they want to invest countless hours into the game; even those that do rarely get to create masterpieces, because, as we all know, an adventure game also requires a strong and enticing story. Well, 5 Days a Stranger is exactly that, a game that was loved, part of larger series that told a story where Sci Fi and grounded fantasy elements were mixed together, however, without losing focus. The best thing about the game was also the fact that while it told this mesmerizing story it also was interesting to play because of the very well put together puzzles. Sure, don't expect a lot outside of the item interaction and the scavenging to find them, but the pacing is great. So, yeah, if you ever play an AGS game, this game here should be it, along with 7 Days a Skeptic, the sequel to this one, adding a lot more polish and concluding the story.

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