9: The Last Resort

Adventure 1996 Windows GT Interactive Point and click Puzzle based

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Good puzzle adventure

It's a point and click adventure which has been flooded with a great variety of puzzles and mystery elements. The plot in the game is that your character has got a mansion in inheritance but the mansion has been captured by nine evil muses. So obviously you to need to get rid of them and gain control of your fortunes. The game also involves some very famous characters such as Chritopher Reeve, Robert De Niro, James Belushi and Cher which makes it quite interesting for the gamers. The gameplay is from the first person perspective and is very much similar to the one we see in games like Myst. The variety in the gameplay has been achieved through the diverse puzzle solving themes in which most common ones are musical and mechanical puzzle solving elements. The good thing about the puzzles is that they are very logical and you can test your instincts with it. I loved the sequence at the shooting gallery because solving it was quite interesting and challenging. The graphics to support the exciting gameplay are good enough and the UI is also well designed. The controls are ok as well but it is again the gameplay which makes it far above average.

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