Adventure 1996 Windows Dosbox DigiFX Interactive Horror Puzzle based Point and click

A melting pot of horror adventure tropes

Harvester is a horror adventure game with a simplified control scheme. You point and click and don't get bothered by additional commands that require you to learn the syntax of the game's engine. But other than the simpler control, Harvester is a good harvester of adventure game tropes, both in its mechanics, the horror story that it puts forth and even in the types of puzzles you will encounter. You are a (trope alert!) amnesiac which finds himself stranded in a Lovecraft inspired little town known as Harvest. The town is brimming full of conspiracy and generalized terror, as the citizen, including you, need to pledge their allegiance to the cult of the town, the Lodge. But of course, as all amnesiacs in games do, you won't accept this faith and begin to create trouble and mayhem for the well organized, cult entrenched little city. Expect a fair deal of dialogue, investigation and puzzle adventure as the relationships of the town with the cult begin to take form. If you've seen a few horror and mystery movies and are adept at the twists and turns of the genre, this game won't offer you no novel story. So, by the end you will feel unsatisfied. However, if you are still young at heart and haven't yet been desensitized, the game might offer you a relatively more fulfilling experience. At the least the graphics and the control won't create an additional barrier, but do have a walkthrough close by just in case. Not all the puzzles are logically built and a few of them are buggy, requiring an extra of attention when played.

A little bit of both

Here it is a psychological and horror and gore themes, such as Sanitarium and Phantasmagoria 2. You play as Steve Mason, a young man who suffers from amnesia and wakes up in a town call Harvest. Like all the residents in this town, you must join the Lodge, some sort of cult from what I understood in the game, if you want to learn the truth about this town. I won't spoil the story for you. It's best for you to play the game to know the entire story. Like I said, this game offers a little of both the games I mentioned above: the creepy amnesiac type of story from Sanitarium and the use of digitized actors and use of gore from Phantasmagoria 2.

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