Adventure 1996 Dos Dosbox Gremlin Interactive Futuristic Point and click Action Fpp Sci fi

Bizarre but enjoyable adventure

While graphic adventures like The Curse of Monkey Island or Discworld are the ones that players often turn to first, this little known game from Gremlin Graphics provides a rather bizarre twist on the genre that makes it highly appealing for when you're in the mood for something different. The story revolves around the life of Kent Knutson, a rebellious teenager who lives in a city controlled by an authoritarian regime, where any deviation from the norm is punished severely. After committing the heinous crime of whistling, Kent is imprisoned but soon learns of the existence of a mysterious resistance movement that wants his help. Thus begins his epic quest to join the group, win their trust and overthrow the city's dictator. While this sounds terribly serious and less than entertaining, the game is presented in a cartoon-like style which belies its heavy themes. Kent's world is portrayed in bright, vibrant colours with and is inhabited by characters that wouldn't look out of place in an animated kids series. The game itself plays out in fairly traditional adventure fashion, with Kent exploring the various environments, collecting objects and solving inventory-based puzzles as he goes. While the gameplay might be familiar, the compelling and unusual story are anything but and help make Normality stand out from the crowd. The cartoony feel to the game hides its fairly challenging nature, with puzzles that are imaginative and clever and which will test even seasoned genre veterans. For adventure fans, this is an obscure gem that is well worth seeking out.

The world is anything but normal in this adventure game!

Kent Knutson's life, the protagonist of this adventure lives in a really weird world. He gets sent to jail for no other reason than because he was caught whistling a tune that was considered too fun for the world he lives in. From there on , you jump in his shoes and progressively untie the mystery of this oblique universe in which he lives in. Truth be told, however, this is not a dystopia in the real sense of the world. It has its bleak elements, but it also has elements that trend on humor. There is this underground society that holds many answers to why this world is the way it is, and soon enough you will get caught in a really weird little conspiracy. Graphically, the adventure is served fully 3D, via prerendered sets of animations and you will navigate through this maze of still shots. The game looks good, it has well produced environments. They all have a cartoonish European style to them, so do not expect true to life, photorealistic decors. So, overall, with nice yet at times seemingly illogical puzzles, Normality does a good enough job of offering you a few hours of good old fashioned point and click adventuring.

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