A Brief History of Time

Puzzle 1995 Windows Blasterware Education Historical

Stephen Hawkings interactive CD for the eponymous book

Eh, the good old times of the interactive CD, sweet memories! I used to load up Encarta so I could write my early school essays, I used to try out all sort of interactive games and puzzles that wanted to teach physics, math, biology, etc. I must say, I think that this type of entertainment had something special about it. It was mostly edutainment, though you could sometimes find some more action minigames, and boy, did I spam these. But, at any rate, this interactive CD here contains the entire book, A Brief History of Time, which details the beginning of the universe, the formation of the early universe and much more. Also, the CD has a healthy dose of interactive puzzles and other bits that make having the CD worthwhile even now. You'll also get much expanded explanations of the math behind some certain phenomena, and much more. All in all, a prime example of an interactive CD done well, so do give it a go. Other similarly well produced interactive CD is the Who Built America? one, detailing the early history of the Americas.

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