Beyond the Nine Dragons

Puzzle 1995 Windows Black Box Education Historical

CD Rom about the culture of Asian countries

Beyond the Nine Dragons is an educational/travel catalog based on the countries of Asia, including Burma, Mekong, Laos, Cambia and Thailand as well as Vietnam. The game is delivered as an interactive book, without any challenges; however, the game offers you a lot of interactivity, and you can jump through links from one page to another and get a really great feel for the game. Another cool thing about Beyond the Nine Dragons is that it offers you a comprehensive list of encyclopedic quality info on the culture, religion, geography, traditions and more, of these countries. It's beautifully complemented by additional graphics and pictures as well as very small videos. So, if you want to learn about these Mekong River countries, of exceptional culture and individuality, try this game; it's a true testament that digital productions can truly offer you very satisfying results. Also Beyond the Nine Dragons is a great learning tool, at your own pace, if you want to visit any of these areas. Similarly, download Discovering America, for a similar take on American culture and so on.

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