Peter and The Wolf

Puzzle 1995 Windows IBM Education Cartoon

Adventure game and musical edutainment title

This title's most noteworthy feat is that of introducing you to the simple in form and yet so satisfying eponymous symphonic work from Prokofiev. In fact the musical piece is included within the game, and in the interpretation of the Hudson Valley Philharmonic, which is an amazing feat, given that most games released during this period featured low quality MIDI streams. What you will be doing within the game is actually direct, conduct the music, of course, in a sort of action game type sequence, while also getting deeper into the writing of the music with the help of the Tony Randall narration. Thus, this game is worth a special place in the ranks of edutainment titles, as it sure manages to create a uniquely immersive experience, one that both leads to a more insider's type appreciation of classical music, while also being entertaining in its own rights. I can't really reference you to another similar game, but surely Drum Blaster and The Miracle Piano Teaching System tried something similar back in the day, though surely, the edutainment value of Peter and The Wolf stands much taller within these titles.

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