A Vampyre Story

Adventure 2008 Windows Strategy First Humorous Cartoon Tales and legends

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A nice story about Vampires...

A Vampyre Story, while not so old game, is a great game you have to play if you like vampire stories. While it's not exactly about the famous vampire, it's still a solid adventure game which deserves attention. The story of the game is about Mona, a french opera student, now turned a vampire who tries to escape the castle of a rather pathetic vampire. The story alone is interesting and the credits after the intro cutscene, show some images that pretty much sums up the protagonist's backstory. The game plays much like a point-and-click game, but if you're a fan of The Curse Of Monkey Island, you'll see some similarities in terms of gameplay. The graphics are beautiful and the voice acting is well done, especially that there is a little bit of humor. Sadly, a sequel was announced for the game, but rumors say it won't see the light of day. That's really sad because the game end on a cliffhanger, which I really hate in games. But overall, A Vampyre Story is a nice game and will keep up entertained a lot.

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