Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space

Adventure 2007 Windows Telltale Games Humorous Cartoon Tales and legends Point and click Detective mystery

Sam and Max are back!

The original Sam & Max is another classic LucasArts creation, standing alongside Day of the Tentacle as one its most loved point-and-click adventures. Although one sequel was unfortunately cancelled, the franchise was resurrected in a series of episodic adventures, much like the similar Tales of Monkey Island games. This collection is a fine set of all five episodes in season two and if you have any interest in the genre, or just enjoy a good old romp, then this should be part of your collection. Episode one sees our duo on the trail of a demonic Santa, while part two finds them on Easter Island trying to stop the end of the world. Part three pits them against a vampire who happens to own a rave club in Germany, part four sees them trying to rescue an old friend, and the series ends with a madcap trip to Hell. The gameplay is the same across the various episodes, being a traditional point-and-click game in 3D, where you explore the numerous environments, chat with characters, grab items and solve inventory-based puzzles. However, while the gameplay might be familiar, the series scores extremely highly in the story stakes. The writing here is sharp and witty, with plenty of one-liners to make you laugh out loud, and lots of twists and turns in the plots. It doesn't matter if you've played the original game, as these stories require no prior knowledge, but if you are a fan, you'll be glad to see your heroes are back just as you remember them. Throw in some lovely visuals and you have a first rate set of adventures.

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