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Poor monster mash

Clearly inspired by the classic monster beat 'em up Rampage, Aargh! is a similarly-styled fighting game where players take control of a giant ogre or lizard and wander around various historically themed environments destroying everything in their path. Adding to the challenge is the fact that these locations are defended by villagers and peasants who are understandably miffed about your intentions and will defend their homes with catapults and other assorted weapons. There is a vague story to the game, which involves the monsters' search for some legendary Roc eggs, but it isn't really clear why they need the eggs and to be honest, it doesn't make much difference anyway. Aargh! is most definitely not about deep storylines and complex characters but is interested more in fun action and to a certain extent it is successful. The game is initially quite enjoyable but its simplicity and lack of challenge soon become repetitive and things get stale pretty quickly. There is no real skill required either and it is all pretty mindless stuff. Graphically however, the game is quite pleasing, with environments that are vibrant and full of personality, but the sound is pretty dire, and most players will turn down the volume immediately. Aargh! is OK for a brief burst of retro action, but has little to recommend it beyond this and is likely to be swiftly confined to the bin.

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