Super Pac-Man

Arcade 1988 Dos Dosbox Beam Software Humorous Single screen

A faster, sleeker version of the classic Pac Man arcader

There are 2 notable differences between classic Pac Man and game here: the game features warp zones, two small apertures in the middle of the left and right of the maze. Enter the right aperture and you exit through the left one, on the other side of the playing field. This can be a life saver, especially of you are hunted by the mischievous ghosts. Also, Pac Man is in turbo mode, sort of, as he moves a bit faster, and his already higher speed of knocking about is even higher when he's on, when he had eaten the corner shifting pellets. Other than that, with each new level you get new pickups, new types of pellets, sort of to keep the game more interesting, but the deal is the same: eat everything, maybe even engorge a few ghosts in your berserker form and gain as many points as possible. I loved it, because the game is more dynamic than the original, but it is also a well polished one, graphically and gameplay wise. Maybe the ghosts could have been programmed to behave more like the originals ones, but their trajectories are enough of a riddle in this one too, so that won't bother you.

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