Donald Duck´s Playground

Arcade 1986 Dos Dosbox Sierra On-Line Humorous Tales and legends Cartoon

Edutainment bundle with jobs inspired puzzles

You are Donald the Duck, and your three nephews are coming to visit you. But, as you are a bit of a slumbering duck, not much for work, also not that well endowed with luck, you have to find some job to be able to entertain the new generation of ducklings. And so, you try to make the most out of it, by taking your duckling nephews on an adventure where you complete a lot of jobs. These jobs are puzzles, inspired by real world jobs, but, definitely very well constructed into puzzles. The graphics are well done, the puzzle mechanics well, are alright, but get old a bit too soon. Thus, the best way to enjoy them is to play them sparsely, and not get too deep into them. And so, after you've completed your job you will later on get the chance to enjoy the fruits of your labor by purchasing toys and what not, which also gives way to other minigames, extending the amount of fun you can have with this game. The bundle is thus relatively cool, educational in that it will teach children about the basics of some of the most common jobs out there, so for a 3, 4 year old or for someone up to 7 years, I'd say, it's a really cool game, really informative. Alternatively, see one of the Super Solvers titles, for more abstract math based puzzles.

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