Tongue of the Fatman

Action 1989 Dos Dosbox Activision Humorous Beat em up

Goo action, great humor

It is one of those itchy and weird sides scrolling action games which might not sound appealing to you at the first go but has some really good action, features and a great variety of humor that keeps you laughing all day long. It involves some great action with some really disgusting aliens. So for those who do not like disgusting looking people, should go for something else like Trog but for those who have the guts to face it are in for a great fun and action. The computer opponents have been made real tough bastards who give you a great time on board and keep you tagged with your seat. These opponents have their weaknesses and their moves which you will discover when you counter them. For availing the power up and for making the action even more diverse, you will have to earn prize money and these power ups will make you win the fights that you have with the beautifully disgusting aliens. The graphics in the game are top standard and the controls are perfect for a prefect lag free action. Coupled with a fairly decent music, this game turns out to be a good fun time pass for action game lovers.

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