Arcade 2004 Windows PLBM Games Vertical shooter Single screen Challenges

Sidescroller shooter; R Type Inspired

Abductor is a freeware like quality sidescrolling space shooter, pretty well done, but as simple as they ever gotten. You have a ship which starts the game with 3 lives; you can get more on the way, and up the game to up to 5 ships. You can also upgrade the fire power of your little ship, to the point where it can get almost destroy everything on screen, all the enemies almost instantly, so much so that they might even not have the time to traverse half the screen! However, until you get there, you have to make do with the pew, pew shooter you are given in the beginning. The background is black with few other decorative elements; so, all in all, the graphics are not the strong point of this game, yet, even with the lesser graphics, it all still works, and works great. At the very least, the game controls like a wonder, like R Type, so it's enjoyable to play, even if it not the most original space shooter out there. But if you like these types of titles have it in your collection as well.

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