Night Raid

Arcade 1992 Dos Dosbox Argo Games Vertical shooter Single screen

Shoot down paratrooper before they reach the ground

Night Raid is definitely a no-brainer of a game. A variation of the Parachute Drop game and a remake of the game Paratrooper, the game is consisted only of you controlling a gun turret on the ground and shooting parachuters down as the fly down from the sky,before they land to the ground and get too close to you. You can shoot multiple shots at once, and you can aim for either the soldiers on parachutes or the helicopter that is unloading them. Periodically, jets may fly by and drop bombs and the jets and bombs can be shot as well. For each successful shot, you earn points and the point is to score the highest point. The scoring differs whether you shoot a paratrooper, a helicopter or bombs. As I said, truly a no brainer. There is sometimes great addictiveness when it comes to games with such gameplay and it wouldn't be weird if you caught yourself playing the game for hours, practicing your shooting skills. The graphics are pretty simple and there is only one simply designed map with a view of the big blue sky and the ground in front of you and the animation is pretty decent. If you like the Paratrooper game, then you will surely like this later remake. Recommended!

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