Tank Wars 3.D

Arcade 1992 Dos Single screen Challenges

Scorched Earth like, more modern and in 3D

If you feel like playing a strategy, action and precision targeting based game, in the style of Scorched Earth, Tank Wars 3.D is definitively a great contender. It offers you that classic recipe, with stationary shooting units, inthis case tanks, that need to shoot at a distance, and ask of you to carefully calculate your trajectory. Thus, parabolic trajectories, calculated to take into account the distance, the speed and the drag with the air, this game will offer you just that. It's quite easy at first, but it can get harder. Also, Tank Wars 3.D is mostly intended for multiplayer games, but, certainly, you can use it to play in single against the computer AI. What is also great about Tank Wars 3.D is the fact that in spite of the fact that it came out in 92, the graphics are really sharp. Sure, it shows its age, but your targeting is not impeded by no way, which makes playability front and center and immediately sinking in with you. There are 7 levels in total, if you play against the PC, so not a lot, but replayability is high due to the different weapons and the inherent differences of trajectory and targeting. Worth having in your (precision!) shooter collection.

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