Mr. Boom

Arcade 1999 Windows Remdy Single screen Challenges Item collection

Fun but unoriginal Bomberman clone

This is one of those peculiar games that in many ways is difficult to recommend despite its high enjoyment value, being as it is a near-identical copy of another more famous game. The inspiration here is Bomberman, the classic multi-player action/arcade game which basically involves blowing up your rivals in a series of complex maze-like arenas. Mr. Boom copies pretty much everything from the original, requiring players to drop bombs to destroy walls and enemies, while manically sprinting around avoiding your opponents who are trying to do the same thing. Caution must also be exercised in order to avoid the fallout from your own bombs, something which adds to the fun. A number of extras are also available, which can increase the number of bombs you carry, extend their range or have other useful effects to give you the edge. Visually, Mr Boom is pleasing, with the bright, vibrant cartoony graphics and sprites that you would expect in such a game, but the lack of originality expressed in the gameplay is repeated here. The main character is strikingly similar to Bomberman himself, while the visual effects are also merely clones of those seen in the classic series. There are however some new enemies to be encountered and these are attractive enough. As mentioned, although Mr Boom plays a decent enough game of blow-up-your-friends and is a lot of fun, it is no better or worse than Bomberman, making it difficult to recommend over the original.

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