CHAMP Galagon

Arcade 1997 Dos Dosbox CHAMProgramming Vertical shooter Single screen Aliens invasion

Not the best Galaga clone out there

Galaga is a consecrated vertical shooter set in space and known to almost all of those that frequented the arcades in the 80s. In fact Galaga was so popular that it managed to make it as a pop reference in recent, 2012 blockbuster movies, while clones of it were produced even as late as 1997. And that's exactly what CHAMP Galagon is, a poor clone, which plays a lot slower than the original, sports the same kind of enemy behaviors and the same projectiles and ship, but it doesn't really manage to get at the heart of the game, to recreate the mechanics of the original sufficiently well enough to produce the desired results. As a result, the game is quickly forgettable, rather unfun to play and it has nothing to show for itself to be worth the time. As such, you will find that the game is simply not worth the time investment and that the original, even emulated on a windows PC is where it's still at. So, rather go for the original instead, or go for a more recent, graphically superior version. This one doesn't have anything too interesting to share with players.

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