UEFA Champions League 96/97

Sport 1997 Dos Philips Interactive Soccer Tournaments

Simple, undemanding soccer fun

A fairly straightforward soccer sim, UEFA Champions League isn't the best football game out there, but for undemanding arcade fans who don't want anything too complex, this is good enough to while away a few hours. It features much of what you would expect from a soccer game, including detailed stats for the year, a variety of teams and tournaments to enter and of course multi-player action to boot. Although lacking in the detail and tactical elements found in games such as FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer, UEFA is refreshing to play for its simplicity, with straightforward controls which are easy to learn and help to maintain the game's fast pace and sense of fun. This is aided by the physics, which are definitely arcade-style rather than super-realistic. Graphics, while again lacking in the realism modern gamers expect from their sports sims, are perfectly adequate for the job, with well animated, chunky sprites that move around at a fair old pace. The AI is of a good standard, with opponents that will provide a good challenge and all in all, this plays a sound if uninspiring game of soccer. It's not up there with the classics like Sensible Soccer, but is a sound second division effort.

OK soccer game with good graphics

UEFA Champions League 96/97 won't blow your mind by no stretch of the imagination but it is a very good game overall. It has very good graphics, it has an AI that feels sufficiently diverse so you don't feel as if you are playing the same team over and over again, at least for a couple of matches. The 2D perspective is clean, crisp, with well drawn players, with nicely done, rather arcadey physics for the ball. Another plus is the feel of the game that is derived from the games music and a few other animations. But, as always a question arises: are you going to want to sink time in a game that is so old or are you going to be more interested in the teams that it offers? That is the question you are going to need to answer before you give it a try. The game comes with the full host of problems that vintage soccer games used to have: rather similar looking animations and skins for the players and a rather small period in which it can manage to appear diverse. So be advised, this game is no classic!

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