New Star Soccer 3

Sport 2005 Windows New Star Games Soccer

How would you like to control just one soccer player?

Here's an unexpected twist in an action soccer game: what if the only player you could ever play as was one single player? How would that change the game? Well, it would surely change the game a lot, and, for all intents and purposes, it would change that game for the better! Or, rather, as New Star Soccer 3 shows us, it creates a very unique kind of puzzle as to how you play the game, because, now, you have to consider your player in the realm of a team, which, for a soccer game, means handling your positional play, covering your position but breaking it whenever necessary. Also, so you don't turn into this Rambo character, you have to manage your energy expenditure and all that. So, because as you play more you grow, you play this game as a sort of RPG, like a smart combination of lite elements from both Sensible Soccer as well as those managerial elements that have to do with a player's carrier, like a stripped down managerial game. But, it all coagulates nicely in New Star Soccer 3 and you can sure give it a shot, it does a good job of it, without question.

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