Actua Soccer 2

Sport 1997 Windows Gremlin Interactive Soccer Tournaments

Too poor graphically for 1997

I can't really blame this game for not trying. The seeds are all there: the matches you can play are rather varied and do not make use of the same kind of AI over and over again. The mechanics and the controls are not bad either, and the game plays rather speedily, enough to create a lifelike sensation. However, the graphics, and some of the overlays, the ones that appear when you are in for a corner or for a penalty shot, look really poor. This wouldn't have been such a problem if it were not the sign of a lackluster, not that well polished game, overall. The animations and the skins of the players look rather the same, at close inspection, the game at times manages to create situations that showcase its broken physics and its improper graphic look. Yea, it was a time when a lot was learned about a proper soccer game simulation, but Sensible World of Soccer 96/97, to give just an example, understood the need for polish and for cleaning out the basics. Therefore, while not completely unplayable, this game will feel a little too lackluster, a little too telephoned

Nice improvement from previous Actua Soccer

Here the second from Actua Soccer game series. I didn't expect anything outstanding and Actua Soccer 2 is an okay game and had a lot of fun with it. It's nothing special compared to other soccer games, but it has some neat feature that will increase your gameplay time. First of all, not only can you play as a team that already exist in real life as well, there you can also create your own custom team. Not that's what I want from all of the sports games. If only any of the NBA Live games had this feature, it would have been nice putting your custom made players in your own team. The gameplay is okay, considering playing the game with a modern gamepad. However, I hate it how the changes its orientation when you getting near the opponent goal post and sometimes it can ruin the control, making you going to another direction if you're not paying attention. The graphics are okay for its time and the voice acting for the commentators is well done. There's nothing else to say than hasn't been said before in other soccer games.In conclusion, any fans of soccer video games or soccer itself will at least have a little bit of fun with this game.

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