Admiral: Sea Battles

Strategy 1996 Windows Megamedia Corp. Business Turn based Medieval

Simulation about the time when sailing vessels ruled!

Admiral: Sea Battles proposition is simple, play a strategic game in which smart moves, ruses, making sure you know the difference between naval fight and ground units. In a way the game is a strategy that can be played like any other classic wargame, but on the other hand the rules of navigation themselves are well caught in the game, so that you will feel that level of detail really turns it into a genuine vessel command game, rather than a strategy game that has gotten a naval graphical only make do. There are 11 vessels to choose from, from galleys to battleships. A great thing is that both the plusses and the minuses of these vessels are considered, so you won't have a total advantage by going the route of the biggest and meanest ships. In fact, a balanced fleet is what will most often win you the game. An alternative to Admiral: Sea Battles can be the older Med War, though not a game as easy to sink into as this one. Admiral: Sea Battles is a much better polished one, and, for some reason it just has more personality

Prepare your ships

Admiral: Sea Battles is a naval strategy game developed and published by Megamedia Corporation. Back in the '90s, we had quite a selection of great real-time strategy games, such as Age of Empires or Command and Conquer, but here comes this particular game, a strategy game that stands out. First of all, this is a naval strategy game, meaning that you're in command of ships only and the battles take place on the sea. In my opinion, this is an original game indeed, for in those days, we haven't really experienced a naval-only strategy game. The object of the game is simple: create your own fleet of ships and destroy the enemy ships. The game takes place somewhere in the 19th century, probably the time when sea battles where more famous. And speaking of sea battles, the combat system of the game is quite well executed.

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