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An exciting strategy game

Deadlock Planetary Conquest is a strategy game developed by Accolade in 1996. This game company was founded by two experts in this type of industry, that left another company, Activision. This history is concentrated on the first alphabetical letter A and here's why. Beside that coincidence described above, the two founders named the company Activision because it was foregoing Atari. And this is not all. Some past workers at the Activision company developed another one, named Acclaim, that preceded Accolade. At last, another company was founded by them: Absolute Entertainment. And yes, you got it, the last name won this race. This is really quite a story! Now let's return to the game. The plot concerns a conflict that has to be prevented from becoming an intergalactic one. You can play it in single player or multiplayer mode, you can choose the number of players, the victory conditions, the size of the planet, the races (that have their own abilities, skills, traits). After that, the map of your world is presented, with territories. Here you can set the culture of your place, tradition, develop colonies, and all the process will be monitorised by you. Only you will choose how to expand or build your territory. It's all about the rivalry, about how to be better than the other one, and this is exciting for all strategy game lovers. A good process and management will lead to high technologies and not only that. I won't tell more, just see for youself. This game is worth playing, for sure!

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