Into the Void

Strategy 1997 Dos Playmates Interactive Entertainment Galactic War Turn based

Innovative space 4x game

What you have here is a space strategy game which has tried to induce a lot of innovations and creativity into this genre. It is by no means a classic to make a big impact but does have some good variety of features. The game falls in the 4X category but is not as good as the likes of Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri. The usual routine game of building, expanding and conquering is however left behind in this game and this makes it a unique one for space strategy game lovers. You do not have to expand your forces to counter enemies but rather you have built a strong tax base in different planets through activities such as farming, reach and espionage. The tax base which is represented by the population points can be enhance through conquering vast planets or through brining improvement in your agricultural structure. The more you will increase your tax base, the more you will generate revenue and the more you can invest on the infrastructure, weapons and other technological advancements. The A1 will give you a tough time managing your workforce and you even have the option to call into competition other warlords via network or email. The graphics and the user interface are also great and supportive for an easy gameplay.

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