Mystic Towers

Adventure 1994 Dos Dosbox Apogee Action based Role playing Action

Solve each tower with Baron Baldric!

Mystic Towers is a puzzler/adventure game, in which you play in the top hat of master Baron Baldric, a true champion of survival plus a great know it all in the arts of magic. His goal is to survive the 45 rooms of the 5 floor of the 9 rooms per floor castles, defeat the 15 monsters sprinkled in there and, should you wish so, play with the generator to produce spawns of different coloraturas, builds and with different special abilities and moves. Now, each room of the castle are single screen, 3D like, seen form an isometric corner. You don't' know exactly where the next monster is going to spawn at, or where you will find your next target, but for the most part, the difficulty level, while it might occasionally spike, is a definitive lenis built towards harder and tougher challenges. Art wise, the graphics are pretty simple and straightforward, but the color palette is well chosen and definitely won't give you pause or any readability issues. It's just not that impressive, but it's well done nonetheless. So, give the game a go, it will definitely not disappoint, and for good measure, you should give Cadaver a go too, also isometric, also one room at a time and based on exploring a confined building full of secrets and loot.

Attack of the retirement home

Walk through the twelve Towers of Lazarine and clear them of monsters (kind of like Legend of Zelda, but without rescuing the fair lady). As weapons, he has his staff and ten spells. He can also collect powerups that can make him invisible, stronger, or invulnerable. The gameplay is not hard, you just walk around the room, pick up items that are there and kill the monster, then go to the other room. There is a mini map in the right bottom corner, a health bar and lots of other stat boxes.The music is just awesome, though simple. No mp3s, just midi sounds that are fantastically blended with the game. But I think that the charismatic old man is the jewel of the game. I mean, not many developers would think of making a geriatric old guy as the game hero! This game is fun, it is witty, combines elements of adventure and puzzles so you can put your brain to work, it looks good and it sounds good. Two thumbs up!

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