Adventures of Lomax

Action 1996 Windows Psygnosis Cartoon Platformer

Last one standing

How would you feel if everyone around you were somehow brainwashed and you were the only one left with a normal mind? Now put yourself in Lomax's shoes, who has that exact feeling. The last of the remaining Lemmings, his job is to find a way to recover his lost friends and destroy the villain. Using his Lemmings ability to jump, dig and building bridges, he is off to the adventurous journey to save his friends and family. His abilities are much better than the typical Lemming - he also has a magical helmet to defend himself against magic spells. The gameplay reminds of the game Rayman immensly, and it is equally fun and exciting. The game is visually very beautiful and the gameplay is incredibly fluid and challenging, yet not irritatinlgy so. It's visually great to see Lomax jumping and climbing with such ease and agility. If you liked the Lemmings game you will especially like this one, and even those who don't know about the series will find this game great, entertaining and fun. Two thumbs up!

Survived Lemming

The story starts with Lemmings... yeah, the main character is Lomax, a lemming survived to Evil Ed. Now you will jump up and down the platform mantaining the ability a lemming people have. So, in order to beat the enemies and the difficultes you will face, you will use the ability of building a bridge, digging, and so on. But, unfortunately this time, your lemmings-team will be no with you. Alone against the last quest, the adventure of Lomax.

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