Earthworm Jim 2

Action 1995 Dos Dosbox Playmates Interactive Entertainment Cartoon Robots Platformer Adventure

Inventive and funny cartoon-style adventure

The original Earthworm Jim is a truly classic platformer from the mind of David Perry, industry legend behind such games as Savage, MDK and Wild 9 and which combined an irreverent sense of humour with inventive action to great effect. This sequel expands and develops on its predecessor's ideas to create that rarest of things, a follow-up that is at least as good as, if not better, than the original. The basic premise of the game remains similar, in that it is a run 'n' gun style platformer, a cross between James Pond and Gunstar Heroes perhaps, with Jim out to rescue his princess in a series of wildly diverse and inventive side scrolling levels that are immensely fun to play. However, where the game scores is in its variety, with some clever variations on the formula that really are entertainingly bonkers and which are guaranteed to raise a smile while challenging your gaming skills at the same time. For example, one level sees you controlling Jim like a balloon, thanks to his inflated head, in a vertically scrolling environment, while another plays out like a shooter. It's this level of sheer bravura that makes Earthworm Jim stand out and the game constantly surprises you with its inventiveness. Visually, the game is equally impressive, with wonderfully diverse levels that are filled with detail and make excellent use of vibrant colour schemes and which lend the game much of its personality. When you throw in the humour, supremely smart level design and varied gameplay, you have what is truly a great example of the genre.

Beautifully drawn platformer adventure

In this game Jim jumps inside his trusty robotic body suit once again looking to rescue Princess What's her Name, as he's done ever since his initial game? That's right, in good old Earthworm Jim fashion, the game won't trouble you with too much of classic storytelling (although there is a lot of dialogue in this one too, with an even more twisted though child friendly humor) however it will pit you in a much more colorful and more challenging (later in the game) world of platforms and impending dangers lurking at every step. However, the second game in the series is a bit more diverse in the environments it depicts, with many of the levels being created thematically both graphically as well as in the challenges you will face within. The cartoonish themes look outstanding, with an attention to detail to rival a lot of other platformers, even others released much later on than this mid 90s game. If you haven't already tried it know that the game is just as fun if not more so than classics such as the Sonic series or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

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