Toxic Bunny

Action 1996 Dos Dosbox Celestial Cartoon Platformer

A mid 90s cartoon sidescroller; highly playable

Toxic, the bunny protagonist of this fast and cool sidescroller action game is a hero of few words but he can jump, he can double jump, he can find his way through tight fitting spaces and he can navigate his way around all sort of other passages, looking to complete his stages! He's not called Toxic for nothing, as the game's story features some toxic wastes and some radiation, making our bunny a fearless hero, and thus, he fights on the side of the good! And fight he does! The game looks gorgeous, with an area around the hero that is highlighted, as if the bunny emanates colors. Furthermore, Toxic Bunny has great tile based level designs and art direction, just a tad too colorful for one's tastes but, nonetheless, this is not going to impede playability. Plus, it's also a long game, which makes it great for long plays or for short sessions, ever so often. Yep, it's no Jazz jackrabbit, but it's a kind of retro of its own making, and, overall, it has that oldie feel to it, without sacrificing playability. So give it a go, it's sure to keep you entertained!

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