Comix Zone

Action 1995 Windows SEGA Cartoon Platformer

Step inside a comic book and fight villains

This has got to be one of the most original platform games I have ever seen. It has a really great story and fantatsic and original gameplay. Like in the game Toonstruck, you are a comic artist that is stuck in his own comic world and has to find out. To do that, he has to fight all kinds of bad guys that get in his way. The gameplay may be typical for a platformer, but its how the game is designed and the details are what is truly amazing about this game. The whole game looks like a huge comic book and when the main character says something, it is presented in the shape of a balloon like in the comics. The whole game is like that. It just looks and feels amazing. I have never seen a game this original and fun. It truly is a masterpiece and I can honestly say that it's one of a kind. The graphics are phenomenal and the colors are made to be like in the comics. The game is absolutely perfect for comic book lovers and especially for superhero lovers. This game will bring you right to the zone, making you feel like you're right inside one of them. You have to try this game right now, I am sure that you will be amazed and stuck to this game as I was, for the short time the game lasts. Then you'll probably want to try the game again. And again.

Move along the book

In Comix Zone game, you are a strange superhero into a comix book that tell your story. You have to move into the scenes of the pages, most of them in the undergrounds of a city, defeating the enemies and going on in the narration. This can be a nice idea to relaunch the usuals fighting arcade games in a different plot style...

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