African Desert Campaign

Strategy 1986 Dos Historical Turn based Top down

Sub-par Risk-style game

Although you might go into this game expecting it to be an historical strategy wargame, like Desert Rats, it's actually more of a boardgame-style experience that has more in common with Risk. However, it's not particularly interesting as is best skipped over by all but the most desperate of retro gamers. The game takes place over a very crude representation of North Africa, with the player aiming to gain control of the Suez Canal during WWII. Players take it in turns to move their units and try to position them next to the enemy so they can be taken over. When you are next to an enemy unit, you can attack it, with the outcome of the battle depending on factors such as supplies and ammunition available to the attacker and defender. If you defeat your foe, you take over their supplies, with the game won when either side controls the board. You have to consider the environment when making your moves, as it can help or hinder you, while you also have to remember to resupply units and can split them up if they get too unwieldy from taking over the enemy. This sounds like it could have been an interesting little strategy game, but unfortunately it's let down on a number of fronts. The visuals are forigveably crude, and while they are pretty ugly to look at, they don't really detract from the gameplay so this isn't a bit issue. However, a bigger issue is the controls, which although they seem to be simple are so awkward that frustration soon sets in, making just moving your troops around a hassle. There are some opportunities for strategy here but the whole thing is pretty limited on the fun factor, and so is easily skipped.

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