Russian Front 2: The Kursk Campaign

Strategy 1990 Dos Historical Turn based Top down

Average wargaming action

This is a little shareware game that freely borrows from Panzerblitz and the likes of Panzer General but if this tempts you to check it out, be warned. It's not exactly in the same league as these classics and while playable enough for genre veterans, it's not really enough fun to warrant being picked by more casual players. Even fans will find it tough going and are likely to look elsewhere pretty quickly. It's all pretty basic and familiar stuff for this kind of thing, with three scenarios offered and which all take place between 1943-44, although you'd be hard pushed to tell in all truth. The scenarios play out over 10-12 turns, with the action viewed in traditional turn-based fashion over a large map of the area. Gameplay is simply a question of moving your units around the map and then engaging in combat whenever you encounter an enemy with victory typically determined by how many units have been destroyed at the end of it all. In its favour, Russian Front 2 does have accessibility on its side and unlike many of its brethren, it's actually quite easy to get into, with a simple and intuitive interface that allows for movement and combat to be conducted simply. There's a reasonable level of detail in the units while the computer makes for quite a decent opponent. However, it soon becomes apparent that the overall game is rather limited in its ambitions. With only a handful of scenarios to play, it's likely to be quickly finished by most players while the lack of depth to the missions only hurts its long term appeal. It's not terrible but it's far from a must play.

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