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Very much like the boardgame, dumb AI

This version of Risk follows the gameplay style and rules of the tabletop game, so you will feel at home form the first moment you start the game. Right off the bat, this needs be said, this is a game that will be more entertaining when played with friends (human friends!) because the AI doesn't manage to put on a sufficiently hmm... intelligent?!! opposition. Basically, if you're playing the game against the PC, do it if you're just learning the basics, otherwise the computer will hardly pose any threat to a medium capable strategist. So, all things considered, Risk in this incarnation is a fashionable game, very well endowed graphically, but less so in terms of the challenge it can offer you. Unlike some version of the Risk tabletop, the diplomatic options are less thorough though. This can aggravate some players, but, as I said, against the PC that's not an issue, while in a hot seat game, this can be sidestepped by verbal agreements! At least until someone, quotation marks, forgets about them! But yeah, if you don't have your Risk board around, this PC version can be the digital canvas on top of which you disseminate total annihilation and world domination against your slightly inebriated friends! Alternatively, see World Empire, a RISK like that is a bit more expansive, with many more options.

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