Halls of Montezuma: A Battle History of the United States Marine Corps

Strategy 1987 Dos SSG Strategic Studies Group Historical Turn based Top down

The nightmare of war

If you've played and enjoyed military strategy simulators like Vulcan or Operation Market Garden, then it's likely you will find much to entertain you here in Halls of Montezuma. This one offers players the chance to recreate famous military conflicts from Mexico, WWI, WWII an the Korean War and does so with the usual attention to detail that SSG is known for. This one focuses on the command level of war, giving the player a fascinating insight into the complexities of high command and while it may seem daunting having control at such a high level, stick with the game and you will find it immensely rewarding. The game plays out on a map representing the chosen battlefield with the player issuing orders to the multitude of units under their control but what makes this one interesting, is the unknown factor which follows the sending out of commands. Once the orders are out there, you have no real idea if the unit will follow them successfully or just go off and do their own thing, or get sidetracked by the enemy or even unforeseen weather conditions. Relying on intelligence is also fraught with danger as you can never be sure if it's trustworthy or if you have just signed a death warrant for hundreds of your troops and it's elements like these which make Halls of Montezuma so interesting to play. It's not going to win any awards for visuals but it does at least have a relatively straightforward control system, although the sheer scale of things can be a little daunting to begin with. However, stick with it and you will find a highly rewarding and challenging sim that is worthy of your time.

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