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Death to the Daleks!

The world's greatest TV show (fact!) gets this little game which takes the legendary and equally amazing sci-fi villains and turns them into blobs which are about as threatening as a My Little Pony. However, despite this, the game is actually a fun take on the classic Robots which is well worth checking out for old-school fans. It's played from a top-down perspective, with the player taking controlling of a character, who may or may not be the Doctor himself, and who must simply outwit his arch enemies through cunning use of his sonic screwdriver and whatever tricks he has up his sleeves. Every time you take a step, you attract the Daleks so what you need to do is lure them so that their paths intersect and they crash into each other. If this happens, the Dalek turns into a pile of rubble, which then proves lethal to the remaining mechanical monsters, thus making your job slightly easier. There are a few other tricks to experiment with as well and if you can survive long enough, you get teleported to another level and the fun continues again. While this doesn't exactly provide a full on Doctor Who experience and misses out on the time travelling elements which make the show such a classic, it remains a simple but highly rewarding and addictive little game. The graphics are of course rather basic, with the Daleks resembling little more than blocks on top of other blocks and the Doctor (if that is who the character really is) similarly unrecognisable but the gameplay makes up for any shortfalls in this area, and for strategy fans this is great stuff.

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