After Dark Games

Puzzle 1998 Windows Sierra Cards Strategic scope

Gotta play 'em all!

Casual gamers should rejoice with this old-school collection of mini-games, as it offers a wide range of pick up and play experiences that are perfect for messing around with in your tea break. There's nothing staggeringly brilliant on offer here but the sheer range of the games and the fact that many of them are pretty fun in small doses makes this a good package to have on your desktop. The pack starts out with Hula Girl, a slick vertically scrolling platformer where you collect cupcakes and ice cream, while avoiding frogs and broccoli. The next one is Fish Schtick, a puzzle word game, while Roof Rats is a Tetris-style color-based puzzler and Solitaire is a straightforward take on the classic card game. Roger Dodger is a fun little escape 'em up, Zapper is a trivia game, and Mowin' Maniac is a straight copy of Pac Man. Bad Dog 911 is another word game and Toaster Run is an enjoyable isometric adventure, and the whole package is rounded off with Foggy Boxes and Mooshu, the first a copy of Dots and the second a version of Mahjongg. As far as value is concerned, you can't go wrong with the set of games. While none of the individual titles is worth the entry fee by itself, when you add them all together, you have a solid collection which should provide a lot of coffee break entertainment. They're all simple enough to learn, with intuitive controls that take about three seconds to master, and while the visuals and audio aren't going to set the world on fire, the gameplay is generally enjoyable enough to keep you playing.

Collection of puzzle, some strategic, others logic based

After Dark Games is a puzzle collection, which doesn't do a lot to tie the games that it packs together. Therefore, it is just a bundle that doesn't share a common thread, or a story, but neither the puzzles seem to be related, which means that if you were looking for variety, this game will offer you a lot of that. On the other hand, while its disparity is palatable, the game is less impressive graphically. In his department it shows that it was developed in a shoestring budget at the best. Therefore, it contains a lot of elements that don't fit that well together. This instead keeps the game in a position where I can't recommend it. Yes, some of the puzzles, particularly one that feels similar to Pipes are alright, but the game feels to cold, too uninterested in making itself presentable. So, interest is soon lost, which is not the way to go if you really want to play it for more than a few minutes. Yes, it's not bad, but it's not as good as it could have been, with just a bit more polish.

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