Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos: Yugi the Destiny

Puzzle 2003 Windows Konami Cards Strategic scope

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Is a very intense card game, not unlike Magic: The Gathering, though it sure has its own rules and its own setting. In it you will have two armies, the one that belongs to you and the one of the adverse AI player. Each side have their own custom card deck and they can use a card from a stack. The manner in which the stack is formed varies from player to player, but each one's strategies have to be synergistic, as you want to be able to parry the damage the other player is trying to inflict while looking for a probabilistic weak spot in its defense, and of course taking a calculated chance. Graphically, the game has a very strong Japanese style, and therefore, it will appeal to hardcore fans of Japan graphic novels, manga and the like, while others might find it a bit too overpowering. Anyway, this second episode in the series expands the number of player cards and also seems to make the possible strategies a bit more varied and rounded. Play it if you are familiar with the card game or if you like the idea of a Magic: The Gathering game with a different thematic setup.

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