Tre Sette

Puzzle Cards Strategic scope

Recreation of an Italian card game

Italy is known for a few games of cards and one of the more interesting ones, given that this is a trick type of card game is Tresette, which has been immortalized in this computer simulation here. The game has quite a bit of a history having been known to have a history that dates as least from the 18th century. The game, as the name suggests is based on pairing three cards of the 7 value variety; however, the game evolved and the scoring combination that must have give the name of the game no longer exists today, having been replaced by the value of play that is 21 3x7. In a way this is a strategic type of card game as it requires you to get as many aces in your hand. The game is based around the concept of stripping your opponent of their cards, mainly the three and the two and the ace can be played consequently after these other cards are out of the game. At any rate, the game has its own idiosyncrasies and can be quite fun, while this simulation is an accurate one. Graphically it is served in 2D and it looks ok, nothing too fancy, nothing too extraordinary, but okay overall. Great to learn the rules or to hone your skills. Briscola is another game you might want to try if you want to play another game of Italian provenance.

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