Age of Empires II: The Conquerors

Strategy 2000 Windows Microsoft Empire management Real time Medieval

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The best real-time strategy game ever?

This expansion pack for one of the best regarded real-time strategy sims of all time adds new civilisations, campaigns, units, maps and more, to further enhance the appeal of what is already a superb game. Building on the framework laid down by its predecessors, The Conquerors allows armchair generals to build vast kingdoms built in blood and words and does so with a depth and complexity that has rarely been equalled. The new features include five civilisations, ranging from the Huns to the Spanish, with characters such as Atilla the Hun and El Cid participating in all-new campaigns. Extra technology trees like Chinese Rocketry add further depth, while new maps allows battle to be fought across the world from Texas to the Sea of Japan. Extra modes add variety to the gameplay, such as King of the Hill which requires skills on the battefield while Wonder Race will test skills of a purely economic nature. Improvements can also be seen in the AI and the interface, where management is now rendered more straightforward and multiplayer modes add further to the game's appeal. Age of Empires is a must-play for strategy fans and for newcomers to the genre, it is one of the best places to start. Gameplay is varied, tactically challenging and utterly engrossing and this expansion pack adds greatly to what was already a superb game.

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