Warlords Battlecry

Strategy 2000 Windows SSI Real time Medieval Rts Role playing Fantasy

Fantasy war game with real time play

it is a real time war strategy game which combines both strategy and role play elements. The game is an installment from the warlord series and has a lot to offer in terms of the tactical elements and variety. The game involves a lot of fantasy in the form of the magic. It focuses on war heroes who will lead your units and they have their own area of influence. Apart from the enemy units, you also have friendly units which can be boosted by spell casting. You have 83 different spells at your disposal and the spells have been segmented into 9 spheres where all of them have their own impact and area of influence. The goal is to use the spells in a manner that is in line with a particular scenario. Every move you make in the game has an impact on the gameplay and you have to be very strategic in whatever you do. A combination of spells is what is needed to achieve a particular goal in the game. Each of the hero in the game has 4 stats which involves strength, charisma, dexterity and intelligence. These factors along with other skills in a hero are dependent on the class or race that they belong to. The graphics and the interface in the game are also very good and it is overall a fine game to play.

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